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How do “Play Activities” help kids?

Rainbow wooden climbing frames are a fantastic way to keep your kids active and healthy both physically and mentally. We have an abundance of activities that can be part of your climbing frame, each
Wooden Climbing Frame Testimonials


How long will I have my Climbing Frame? So, you’ve spent ages researching garden wooden climbing frames on the internet, have spent hours looking at pictures and going through different brochures,
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Living the new 'normal'

The Coronavirus pandemic has touched almost every aspect of our lives and we are all adapting to the changes that we are now faced with, living the new “normal”. At Rainbow, we understand the im

The Adventures of George and Pippa - The Jungle explorers

Today Pippa and George are helping Mum in the garden; “it’s like a jungle out here” she says. The overgrown bushes and shrubs give the two a great idea and spark their imagination. They look at

The Haunted Clubhouse

Walking down the stairs George adds the finishing touches to his costume. “There! With this mask on I’m untouchable! You can’t catch this caped crusader!” Pippa follows him down, broomstick an
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The Adventure of George and Pippa

Waking up on a clear sunny day with not a cloud in sight! “Look what I’ve found, Pippa!” shouts George, putting on a pirate hat. Pippa laughs, “Wow, you look awesome, I’ve got an idea…Fol
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The Magic Climbing Frame by Hayley Adele Brown

At Rainbow we understand the importance of outdoor play and understand that our wooden climbing frames help to fuel children’s imaginations in lots of ways. Over the summer we had our creative writ
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The World of Rainbow

Here at Rainbow UK, we have been building dreams and making memories with our spectacular wooden climbing frames for 24 years. With over 180 design ideas, we can create the perfect play area for any
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Marianne's Rainbow Blog

With a mixture of excitement and mild panic, I arrived at my first day at Rainbow. It was a cold and overcast Monday in January and as I arrived at the show site, I was greeted by an abundance of colo
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Important considerations when buying a wooden climbing frame

What are the most important factors that you need to consider when buying a wooden climbing frame? It can be really daunting when you type it into the search bar “Wooden climbing frame” and you a

Jack's Adventures

Let me set the scene….. “Jack had managed to negotiate the jungle and was near to making it across the crocodile swamp, his only choice was a bridge, which he crossed with ease” ……hold on
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Start Active, Stay Active - Rainbow Climbing Frame Benefits

Outdoor play benefits children in so many ways and sometimes it is easy to overlook its importance, especially in the fast-paced technical environment our children are faced with today. Here at Rainb
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How to get your kids off their iPads for longer than a Fortnite!

It seems that we now live in an age where ‘screen time’ is here to stay no matter what we as parents have to say about it. So, how can you limit the time they spent playing Minecraft to less than
Rainbow Christmas Hero

Rainbow’s 5 Top Tips to Creating the PERFECT Christmas Morning Surprise!

There really is nothing better than their little faces on Christmas morning as they come downstairs to find that Santa has visited! But between us parents, we know that building that anticipation and
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How to build a den

A den is the PERFECT solution to surviving a rainy day, making the most of a garden adventure or even creating a spaceship in a bedroom. You can create inside dens, outside dens, dens in the woods an
Climbing Frames For Kids Hero

Climbing frames for kids

Whether you are in the early stages of researching and looking at climbing frames for kids, (or more specifically wooden climbing frames for kids); or you have finished your market research and are re
Halloween Safety Hero

Rainbow’s top Halloween safety tips for Trick-or-Treaters

Young children, older children and even teenagers love Halloween and the chance to get out and collect some yummy sweets with their friends! But as the streets fill up with children and the sugar rush
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Climbing frames for small budgets

So you want to invest in a quality wooden climbing frame for your children but you only have a small budget? You may be thinking that this is an un-achievable dream…well the good news is we are here
T Track Or Not To Track Hero

To track or not to track (your children) - that is the question.

It is no secret that we live in an age where there appears to be more perceived danger – or concerns over the safety of children when they are out in the big wide world than ever before. With this c
St Benedict's School Ealing - Early Years Learning through play

8 top-tips to help you navigate the playground

The time is here…after a summer of all-out fun, you are finally getting out those shiny new school shoes ready for your first (or only) fledgling to head off to ‘big-school’. It’s a bit of an
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Need a climbing frame but have a small problem!

Climbing frames for small gardens… If the above phrase is something that you have typed into Google hoping for a simple answer…then we are here to save the day! This article will walk you throug
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How to choose age-appropriate accessories for your climbing frame!

When browsing the market or shopping for a wooden climbing frame it is all too easy to lose sight of the wood from the trees (pardon the pun). We talk a lot about it in our blogs. Today’s market i
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What to look out for when buying a second-hand wooden playset

Having a wooden climbing frame in your garden is such a great way to make outdoor play time readily available all year round. A playset in your back garden lets children have time to unwind and le
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What to do if your kids grow out of their climbing frame

How to keep the fun for years to come! Are you noticing that your Rainbow wooden climbing frame isn’t getting used as much as it once was? If your little ones have been neglecting their climbing f